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This blog was created as a way to support The Kennish Family.

Jeremy, husband to Liz, and father of Sawyer and Oliver, has been battling cancer for two years. You can read his story HERE.

This blog was created to support the members of Kasa de Kennish. You can find ways to do that HERE.

If you don't know the Kennish family...well...I'm sorry. Some of their friends were asked to describe why Liz and Jeremy were so awesome. Here's what they came up with:

+ They throw a mean party and always make their guests feel welcome.

+ Liz and Jeremy and their boys are super fun to be around.

+ They always go out of their way to help their friends!

+ Liz, Jeremy and family are so generous and thoughtful, always loaning their toys and passing on items to new families. They are also incredibly welcoming and easy to be around. Felt like I'd known them forever as soon as I met them :)

+ I have never met anyone who so immediately felt like dear old friends or whom I wished were dear old friends. Immediate kinship is such a unique & special thing.

+ Jeremy and Liz are probably two of the biggest influences on my life! They would help me at any moment and never ask for a thing in return. Full of strength, they show me to fight and keep fighting no matter how difficult the battle. They remind me to always fill my world with love!

+ Liz may be young but you can feel her old soul. Together Liz and Jeremy have made a family that all of us feel a part of. Coming into their home for a party or just a Tuesday it's easy to feel at home.

+ Liz is so awesome - the day she met me she let me hold her new born son Oliver and gave me hope that I could have another. Jeremy is so awesome - he has the confidence and can do attitude to kick cancer's butt! The two of them together are something to be admired for their easiness, ability to have fun together and laugh, and their closeness like kindred spirits.

+ Liz and Jeremy have made me laugh since the minute I met them. I'm always talking about how they would literally give someone the shirts off their backs. Every time you go to their house you never leave empty-handed -- and it's not just the "things" that you leave with -- it's that feeling of fullness from watching two people love unconditionally. I have been blessed to know them. And their kids are cute too...duh.

+ Liz always talks about how grateful she is for her village, but the reason they have a village is because they are the kind of people who *create* a village. People want to be around them because they are so fun and also so generous, not just with material things (although that, too), but with time, energy, and spirit.

+ You always leave their home with food. When I am around Jeremy there is always a smile on my face.

+ At a time when most people would sink into self pity and wallow in despair, Jeremy and Liz pick themselves up, brush off the sadness and fear, and gracefully march out into the world. Everyday. They give, give, give, and give some more. And they do this as if there is no other option. But because we know there is another path, because we know how easy it is to be sad and scared, we admire them. They inspire us to be better, more hopeful, generous, and optimistic. And we are better. How could you not be when you see such grace, courage, and selflessness in the face of cancer?

Please check back for updates about Jeremy's progress. And if you have something to add to the conversation, please feel free to leave a comment.

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