Sunday, March 17, 2013

the results are in!

So many good things to report this week!

Jeremy is back HOME with his family!


His pet scan shows that the cancer is GONE!!!
(the black spots are his brain, heart, and bladder.)

For comparison, here is his diagnostic scan.
Screen shot 2013-03-17 at 9.00.04 AM

Of course Jeremy and Liz celebrated after they got the great news.

And celebrated some more when they told the boys that their Papa was CANCER-FREE!

So what's up next? Jeremy has a couple more appointments at Stanford and will be on immunosuppressive meds for another five months (so that his sister's cells from the bone marrow transplant don't realize they aren't in their body anymore). He will be rescanned in three months and then will move to a scan every six months.

THANK YOU to all who have prayed and shared and thought about the Kennish family. Your positivity was felt and made a difference!!!